The market’s best CRM for SME!

Get Salesbox – a FULL CRM for €/$2.90

Achieve more for less with Salesbox CRM for SME

Effortlessly track all your communications in one place. Use your time more effectively with smarter support throughout the customers journey, from prospecting to maintaining relationships

Salesbox CRM helps you focus on what matters now and for the future. With smart and flexible pipelines that remind you for the next call, email or action that is going to win the business

Get the self-assembly CRM that has you engaging with your prospects and clients in minutes. Scale and respond to changing demand with industry flexibility built-in

Achieve more for less with Salesbox CRM, subscription prices that align with Microsoft Office 365 and Google GSuite. Get serious sales automation that cost less than a latté

Get closing

Simply drag deals across the intuitive kanban pipeline boards to keep up to date and trigger what matters next with custom automation. Create multiple kanban pipelines in minutes to support all types of buyers. Save hours on updates and reports whilst looking like a closing hero. Salesbox CRM for SME makes it easy!

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Get the Best CRM for SME – Only €/$2.90 per month!


Pay because you want to

With a low monthly subscription, you pay because you want to. Salesbox CRM is priced for people who GET that Sales is all about the next deal. If that is not you and if what happened last week is more important, then it’s only fair you pay our competitors for a traditional retro-ware and commit you to complex onboarding.


Choose the features you need

Benefit from the range of Add-Ons that integrate with your productivity and communication tools. You have the freedom to subscribe to the integrations you need and want.


Affordable onboarding

You can onboard yourself in minutes with Salesbox CRM. The Salesbox 30 minute introduction and data import services are offered if you are in a real hurry and priced fairly. We are passionate to encourage everyone to get sales with Salesbox CRM.


Limitless records

With super-simple pricing, you will not be penalised for using the platform more. Salesbox CRM is only limited by your drive and passion to achieve more for less


Speaking your language

Use Salesbox in English, Spanish, German, or Swedish. Salesbox CRM for SME offers each user the choice of their preferred language.


Fits your business

Get a CRM that fits your business. Salesbox CRM for SME comes pre-packaged with industry templates, offering you industry-specific categories, processes and product lists - out of the box. Get going faster with Salesbox CRM industry templates. You can, of course quickly customise Salesbox CRM to fit any business or industry with our self-assembly customisation.

Focus on the customer

The best CRM for SME connects your favourite communication tools so you can focus on prospects and customer without distraction. Automatically make and tracks calls, dials, chats and meetings from your mobile and Microsoft Teams.  Leave Salesbox to track sent/received emails and messages so you focus on what matters – your customer.

Get more done

Salesbox has repeatedly proven to save more than 50% administration time when compared to regular Customer Records Manager (CRM)software


More organised

Spend more of your week engaging with your customers and less time administering an out of date CRM or spreadsheet.


More insights

Get a much clearer picture of your deals and customers with smart communication tracking of your engagements.


More confident

Ensure that your prospects, deals and activities are tracked and reported on far more accurately level.

Get marketing super powers

Send and track personal mass emails in real-time from Salesbox CRM for SME with your Office 365 or Gmail account. Engage with selected people from the different areas within the platform, including contacts, deals, reminders or meetings. Attach documents to your mass emails to make your process even more efficient. Automatic tracking of who opened and clicked on links helps you create warm call lists in no time. You can also catch new leads from your website with Salesbox's plugin for WordPress.

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Become even more efficient with Salesbox add-ons for Microsoft teams, Office 365, Gsuite, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Fortnox ERP, LinkedIn, WordPress and Mailchimp


MS Teams

Schedule and initiate Microsoft Teams meetings. Chat with contacts, track all your calls & dials completed through Microsoft teams, add short cuts to groups from deals, companies, and contacts from inside Salesbox.


Office 365

Send & track personal mass emails in real-time. Track all your sent/received emails. Sync your calendar and display the contact card in Outlook


Get more productive with the GSuite Add-On. Send & track personal mass emails in real-time. Tracks all your sent/received emails. Syncs your calendar and displays the contact card in Gmail



Get more hot leads with the WordPress Contact 7 forms Add-On. Customise your Salesbox forms and get leads added automatically to Salesbox from your web. Add as many forms as you need and get pinged in real time when you get new leads.



Add any of the millions of LinkedIn members or companies directly to your contact and company lists or directly to your pipeline with LeadClipper for LinkedIn.



Get marketing with Mailchimp. Export contacts from anywhere in Salesbox to any Mailchimp audience or create a brand new audience directly from Salesbox. Add leads to your pipeline by tracking Mailchimp campaigns.

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Salesbox made us more efficient directly

It is amazing how we became more efficient after only 3 days of using Salesbox. I have never experienced any CRM just like it. It is clearly designed by people who understand what efficient sales is all about.

Sales development company CEO

Salesbox makes it easy to work with multiple processes.

Since we have different products and sales processes the possibility to quickly feed each lead into the correct sales process was a deal breaker for us.

IT company Sales Director

Salesbox dashboard - It is the best analytical feature I have ever seen.

Salesbox is truly built for a mobile workforce. In our sales organization, we spend most of the working day outside the office. Being able to keep track on all business opportunities, create campaigns and get an accurate forecast are great features.

Software company Sales Director

Salesbox makes things easy.

We chose to go digital with Salesbox and got all we could ask for. It has a great touch and feel, a modern feature set that utilize all the digital upsides of today. The many integrations to the third party tools we use was a big plus.

IT Consultant company Sales Director

Salesbox is easy and fun to use.

We chose Salesbox because it is so much more modern, good looking and a more fun experience than what we had seen before. Those things actually matter to us. If the users like the design, the ease of use, they will be much more likely to use it.

Event company Sales director